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Painting Appreciation 101: Why Your Color Matters

The environment in which you live is an essential component of your well being. How is that you ask?
Imagine yourself, your friends or a family member in a room where the carpet is red, and the walls
and ceiling are black.

Visualize this scenario. Most likely, it will cause some type of discomfort for you, and others on your “A” list. That is one reason why this decorative scheme is rarely, if ever, used.

It is our perception and rationality which actually chooses the colors we like.

I’ve always had an affinity for blue,  and every tone I can imagine. I enjoy seeing this color. In a nicely decorated apartment. In a work of art. In a shirt fabric. In a person’s eyes. In the sky on a crisp winter morning. On the tail of a plane flying o’erhead.

Think about your color. What would benefit by your painting?

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