Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

In selecting a color for your space, you need to ask yourself only one question: “What do I want to convey to myself, or anyone else who enters the room?”

There are specific color choices which are best used for certain reasons.

1.  Do you want to show your sense of humor?

2. Do you want to reveal a traditional design favorite?

3. Do you want to exhibit creative textures?

4. Do you want to evoke a desirable mood?

All of these can be achieved, and in a variety of ways. For example, choosing a bright color for the walls, carpet and the furniture will liven up the room in an visually exciting way. I would call it “eye candy for the décor.”

At the opposite side of the spectrum, using a muted earth tone color will bring warmth and a relaxing persona to the space. Such as the word “den” would imply.

The key is to allow yourself one, or more, of the many options available to decorate a room or an entire home, in a style you would enjoy. I firmly believe that, while you are at home, the colors on your walls can contribute in big ways to your day-to-day outlook.

Find your special color and paint “something.”  A piece of furniture, a wall, a picture frame, or an ornamental fixture. You’ll be happy you did.

Remember there is only so much joy that an be experienced in a world of only white and black!


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