Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

1. Use higher quality 100 percent acrylic latex, versus oil-based, paint to simplify a multi-surface project – and to save money. Acrylic latex is a 21st Century environmental product of choice. * Benefits: Adheres to nearly every surface, including vinyl and metal; high durability; more chip/peel resistant; longer color retention; useable as both primer and finish coat.

2. Regularly, check exposed surfaces for exposed/bare wood, metal, etc. Exterior areas, for example, can be damaged by mowers, trimmers, etc. Promptly repair damaged surfaces, then spot-prime and re-paint and refinish them.

3. Periodically, do a walk-around inspection of surfaces and areas – interior and exterior. Look for fading, bleeding, peeling, flaking, chipping, blistering paint or finish.

4. To fix exposed areas, seal from moisture by caulking or flashing. Then, scrape, sand, spot-prime, and re-paint or re-finish the surface.

5. Discourage exterior fungi growth (eg. mold/mildew) by cutting back foliage to let the sun’s rays in.

6. Always protect yourself, from head-to-toe, when using any toxic product, including bleach. If you use a toxic chemical product regularly, invest in a free-standing breathing apparatus.

7. When choosing the predominant color/hue for painting a room that you will be using frequently, choose the color as if you will be painting the entire room with that color. Ask yourself, “Will I be able to live with this indefinitely?”

8. Use the predominant color/hue to create the color scheme/palette for the entire room, or area.

9. Be savvy. Use the color palette created by professional colorists that work with the manufacturer of the paint you plan to use.

10. Use the “color visualizer” on the paint/product manufacturer’s website. It enables you to move your colors around to see where you want them – and how they might look when the room is completed.


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