Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

1. Regarding color selection and matching to palette: From a paint store, get three duplicate color card strips for each color in your palette. For each color, cut apart two of the color card strips. Next, tape on the areas that you want to cover. Place them closely together. View in the daylight, also in the dark, and under artificial light.

2. Use better quality preparation products, supplies and tools – ones in good condition. And, protect the bare space the best that you can.

3. Use the best quality paint and finish products, bristle brushes and roller covers that you can afford.

4.  Use proper, quality finish-producing supplies, tools and methods.

5. Paint in mild weather, whenever possible. For professional/trade painters, that’s often impossible. So, we opt, if possible, for the better time of the day to apply certain products and finishes.

6. Always read and follow manufacturer product labels for guidelines to achieve the best results. Look for information about temperature, weather conditions, climate, drying time, surface prepping, application, etc.

7. All reputable manufacturers do improve even their most popular products from time to time. One little instruction can change enough to require you to change your procedure, too!

8. Look beyond the obvious surfaces to be painted, when selecting your color scheme. Examples: soffits, trims, turrets, fretwork, set-ins/built-ins,  chair railings, wainscoting, half-walls.

9. Short on time? Self-priming painting may be a good option. It can hide hard-to-conceal colors. Note: Generally it costs more.

10. Do you have a high traffic/high use area to finish? High-sheen, high-quality acrylic latex paint tends to give a tough finish and exceptional stain resistance. Also, it keeps clean and fresh-looking longer.


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