Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Does paint appear to be not quite good enough? Does an area of your office or house seem to be lacking that special something? It could be that the right wallcovering is just the thing you need.

Paints may have a lot of beautiful colors. Yet, it is the wallcoverings which reveal the most splendid styles in textures and patterns you will ever see.

Your eyes will be set ablaze. This is true, especially when you look through the many sample books available to choose from. Depending on the particular area you wish to decorate, you can choose from a very wide variety of wallcoverings.

In a broad sense, there are three main types of wallcovering: wallpapers, vinyls and textiles. Even more refined, in each you will discover exciting variations in color, texture, surface material, pattern, and effect. Two examples: flocks and foils. Also, there are differences in backing material –  namely, paper and cloth.

A wide variation in wall coverings is ready to respond to your desire to create a decorative atmosphere. One that is pleasing to the eye, in an exciting or sublime form of expression.

For me, the diversity of wallcoverings add to the creativity which can be expanded upon in designing your office or home décor. In keeping with the furnishings you have in mind. I would add that selecting the design or pattern should be completed with full knowledge of your purpose.

In selecting your wallcovering, ask yourself: “Who will be installing it?”

If you choose to do it yourself, then, for your sake – and that of your decorating budget, I hope you have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete such a detailed task. If you are that confident in yourself, by all means be my guest. And enjoy yourself.

On the other hand, when you are in doubt, seek a professional installer. Put your mind at ease. You will be glad you did.

Remember: There are inherent variables in hanging wallcoverings, which only an experienced person can manage successfully. With everyone else, there will be a struggle included in their attempt to do it themselves.

If you must give it a try, test yourself out.

Make some sample boards. Or, try your paperhanging skills out on a wall in the garage. (No joke!)If you have mastered anything, it will show. If not, don’t show your family or neighbors what you’ve done. They might get a good laugh at the time it took and the money you’ve spent.  And, who wants that?

Closing thought…

Installing wallcovering right takes skill, precision, patience, and flexibility. A little humor, and some great music in the background helps,  too!



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