Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Making a sale in the real estate market usually trends towards either boom or as close to bust as you would ever want to get. There are several reasons for this: pricing, location and the style of the house. Just to name a few.

Within some areas concerning a sale, there is little that the seller can do to stimulate interest in a property. This is true particularly if there has been very little to begin with.

One major solution to accelerate an interest in and subsequent purchase of a home is by improving its appearance. Painting is one sure way of achieving this goal. Whether a realtor chooses to have a property fully painted, superficially touched up, or have additional decorating elements completed, the marketability of a property will be increased. I guarantee it!

The main goal of a real estate professional is to generate sales of residential and commercial property. Thus, it would certainly be in their best interest to focus on the temporary appearance of the property they are aiming to sell.

Sometimes, the reluctant homeowner also has to be convinced that budgeting the necessary funds to prepare (stage) his or her home to sell is a timely move, and a wise investment. Benefit: When his home is finally sold, he will appreciate the money for being well spent.

To ensure the appropriate steps are taken while reducing time and expense, I suggest that property owners conside the following informal “painting appearance guide.”

 No perspective home should be sold with the following conditions:

1.  Mold on any interior/exterior surface;

2.  Dirty-soiled walls, ceilings and wood surfaces;

3.  Cracks and holes on any of the interior or exterior surfaces;

4.  A distasteful, lingering odor;

5.  Missing or damaged drywall or wall/ceiling textures;

6.  Damaged doors and wood moldings.

A property owner/seller must consider these variables and the extent to which they’re involved. Then, the realtor and/ or present home owner can opt for several possible solutions.

1. Complete repair and paint job. An estimate for all the work necessary to restore the property is received. If a property is to look its best then no reasonable expense should be spared.

Considerations: Very time consuming, the most expensive method to get a property ready. Essentials: Detailed, inclusive budget, good schedule/plan, high-end budget.

2. Improving the appearance only. This diminished variation of the complete job involves improving the home’s appearance in a way that requires less labor and reduced expenditure. Still, it helps you obtain similar results rather than the more expensive procedure. Three steps are essential here:

A. Cleaning and painting only what is necessary to make the overall appearance look fresh;

B. Repairing damaged surfaces that are essential;

C. Deodorizing only where needed.

These changes will produce a reasonably acceptable appearance for resale.

3. Superficial surface finishing. This method of improving the appearance of a home for sale provides little addition to its quality. You prepare the surfaces by superficial means.

All that needs to be done is the following:

A. Wash what’s dirty;

B. Touch up paint where it needs it the most;

C. Spray a quick room deodorizer.

If done correctly, this process may take only a couple of hours. And, you’re ready. I would only recommend this avenue, when the property’s price is way below market value, and the home in question is old or neglected.

As different persons look at a home to purchase – especially when it is their first, they seek a place of personal refuge and comfort for themselves and their family. If a potential homebuyer has any dignity and a basic sense of style, the home they choose will (1) represent their creativity, (2) add support for their security and (3) provide for free expression.

All of us – realtors and homeowners included – would want the sale of a home to be as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Think about it. With a home, appearance really is everything. You and I are witnesses to it every day.

Whether you’re a homeowner or realtor who is hoping to sell a property, setting a marketable price is one thing. Enriching the home’s appearance is the first – and best – way to achieve that goal.

When appearance is at the forefront of your home sale, then you can consider yourself ready to sell. You will find that there is no better position to want to be in. Happy staging!  Successful selling!

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