Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

More “GO-TO”  Team mentor tips…

15. How to secure and manage your own personnel file. How to organize and manage your personnel and insurance information.

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Director of Human Resources; Employee services

16. Where to take out-of-town visitors for a unique experience. Where to spend a great family outing, when it’s raining non-stop.

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Le Concierge; Guest services

17. How to secure your vehicle for any parking area. What items an employee should never leave in his or her vehicle on work/employer property.

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Director/Security and Safety; Security officer

18. What is best luggage to buy for lightweight carrying. What is best way to handle heavy luggage.

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Manager/Bellhops; Bellhop

19. How and when to get best reservations deals. How much in advance should a reservation be made? Or, cancelled?

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Reservations Manager; Reservations Clerk

20. What staff member should do if the person on the line is speaking belligerently? How long to stay on the line with an “unsatisfiable” caller/guest?

“GO-TO” Team mentors: Manager/PBX; PBX operator

21. How to keep your guests happy. Five things that all guests want – wherever they’re the guests!

“GO-TO” Team Mentors: Manager/Guest Services

22. How to promote and publicize your services for free. Four things that win back the most disgruntled guests or customers.

“GO-TO” Team Mentors: Director/Public Relations and Media; Media specialist

23. Activities that keep guests wanting more – and booking return stays. Activities for children that raise parent/guest satisfaction – and generate bookings.

“GO-TO” Team Mentors: Director/ Recreation and Activities

24. How to get the best group rates at an upscale hotel, convention center, restaurant, club. Staying competitive in group market; upgrading aesthetics and amenities.

“GO-TO” Team Mentors: Director/Group Sales

25. Selecting gifts that impress, fill needs – and do good, too. Re-decorating a gift shop to increase visitors and sales: Color-blocking grids.

“GO-TO” Team Mentors: Manager/Gift Shops; Merchandiser/Sales

* * * * * * * * * *

What ‘GO-TO” departmental tip do you want more facility painters to use regularly?

Which ‘GO-TO” departmental tip do you want other team mentors to use?


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