Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Why would you want to use a material other than what is used normally?

1) You want a new surface design that will be more durable.

2) You want the support structure to serve also as the finished surface.

3) The surface material is composed of a natural product.

4) The surface is environmentally friendly.

5) The surface expresses a broad form of art and/ or aesthetics.

Ever since the construction of the first living space, the individuals who have occupied them have sought to express their creativity through the form and function of these spaces.

As for the castle, the rough stone structure served as both protection from the elements and the outside invader. The interior stone façade was not decorative. And, the heraldic coat of arms banners and fine tapestry hangings were used as surface decoration.

Today, a stone decorative finish can be applied in an apartment to simulate the authenticity of a stone building. It’s possible to feel as if you’ve stepped back into the middle ages. It is a dramatic but accurate comparison.

Modern surface construction is much more diverse: structurally, technically and variable in its composition. The following are several advancements in products and engineering methods. Each has given rise to surface applications far exceeding the construction capabilities of the past.


* The polymerization of plastics produces paneled and sectioned wall surfaces installed as a dry finish product with a high degree of durability exceeding any known paint application. Epoxy paint would be its only rival. Example: Wall panels.


* The aggregation of diatomaceous earth produces compounds which, when applied, provide a source for sound proofing and as a naturally colored base for simulating concrete and plaster. Example: Cast preformed concrete, plaster decorative wall panels.


* The resin-catalyst based compositions produce thin laminates and polished surfaces with a wide range of colors, textures and designs. Example: Countertops, wall panels.


* The earthen clay compositions  produce a wide selection of surface tiles varying in their degree of color, texture, design, hardness, surface sheen, etc. Tiles form a highly durable surface while providing esthetics which is virtually unmatched. Example: Ceramic and simulated stone tiles.


* The metallic substrates produce structural components and surface coverings with properties that simulate ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Example: Metalized coated sheeting and patinized surfaces.


* The lamination of wood  fiber produces materials using wood by-products and non-dimensional wood to form surface coverings. Example: Flooring, wall paneling, ceiling panels.




1) Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal Pine tongue and groove paneling.

2) A wallpaper mural of a favorite panorama scene.

3) A faux marble finish in a hallway.

4) A specially-designed photographic montage, on a wall with painted graphics.

5) Construction of an Oak wainscoting, with picture framed inserts.


Using alternative surfaces in a resort, work, or living space is really about one thing. “Diversity!”

Anyone can exercise the choice to be as creative as his or her imagination compels. Only the decision to begin a project and its costs tend to stand in the way.


A very wide variety of alternative surfaces are available today.  Originality in design starts and ends with them.


The protection and preservation of our natural resources depends on them. Our creativity in the use of alternative surfaces is limited only by our perception, and willingness to do things in a different way!


Remember: “The surface is the showcase of your resort, workplace or home!”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Design and decorate your space for YOU!   Thanks for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


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