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Products and materials designed for the hospitality painting market are developed for (1) aesthetics of the guest environment, and (2) durability. For a paint job to last, there has to be color retention, as well as resistance to fading – and the elements.

The market now manufactures products with low odor, excellent matching qualities and high coverage. All to reduce the amount of products/materials used, and increases in cost.


1. Changes and Advancements in Products:


A. Waterborne interior alkyd. Feature: Provides hard, durable finish ideal for moldings, doors, furniture, and cabinetry.

B. Dual component paints. Feature: Designed to act as both primer and finish.

C. Exterior clear coats for wood. Feature: Increase color retention, and to aid in the prevention of cracking and mold damage.

D. Flame retardant additives for paint.

E. Silicon-based anti-fouling paints. Advantage: Reduce ship hull conductivity and corrosion.

F. Waterborne odorless epoxy. Feature: Provides hard, durable interior finish on drywall and masonry surfaces.


Comments about Products:


Manufacturers make every effort to develop products that are designed to ease application by painters and finishers, and consumers. Also, they strive for products that create a more durable finish.

2. Changes and Advancements in Materials – eg. wallcoverings:


A. Resin-based wallcovering. Feature: Designed to simulate natural woods and textiles.

B. Plasticized resin. Featured use: Coating of siding, wood, or metal.

C. Vinyl wallcovering. Feature: Simulates decorative finishes.

D. Colorized sand-finished plaster. Advantage: Eliminates the need for paint.


Comments about Materials:


Advancement in materials is highly specialized. Modern architectural design stimulates the need for materials which are new. Also, it requires an advanced chemical design and composition of materials. Example: A plastic which looks like metal.

Closing Comments about Painting Products and Materials:


Select a product or material which best suits your intended use. When you want a finish to last, follow the manufacturer’s and vendor’s recommendations. From surface preparation through the final finishing stages.

Learn about the development and testing of construction materials that address problems with which you must deal on a regular basis. Example: Materials that actually deter the growth and infestation of toxic black mold fungi.  Such materials are of special interest to painters and engineering techs, as well as other hotel and facility workers, in high-heat/high-humidity regions of the country.


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