Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Recently, I sat around a glass-top dining table with five ladies. All were retired, but hardly sitting around nursing their arthritic joints and less than 20/20 vision.


Among the group were three career educators and education writers, a corporate office administrator, a writer/editor/consultant, and me: a painter and decorator.


Each lady present was well-educated, traveled, articulate, and opinionated. Did I mention also that each lady was hilarious!


They’d lived in well-known places like New York City, Manhattan, Village, Bronx; Chicago; Boston, Martha’s Vineyard; New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. They’d lived in less common places, too – eg. the Caribbean, London, Athens, Sicily, Pakistan.


We discussed everything, from writing and publishing fiction…to political and social unrest…to police protection and brutality…to employer-employee law…to gourmet cooking and restaurant eating…to eating healthy, and for fun…to dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons…to auto design and mechanics…to fashion design and men’s clothing styles…to fine art and folk art. (What did I leave out, Ladies?)


We even hit upon interior design, restorations and painting. We even covered how to repair and reinstall front door latches and knobs.


We were supposed to eat at 2 pm. By the time that we enjoyed our Pear Sparkling Water, cheese spreads, and variety of crackers – and got to the table, it was nearly 4 pm.


No problem!  All of us were having a great time! Including the hostess!  Including me, the only person there that was male, and far from retirement age.


Why bring this encounter with the aging up at all?


If you want to take a crash course in a lot of subjects, accept an invitation to dine with a group of your elders.


If you live far away from your own parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. – or they’re deceased – fill in with the elders wherever you are planted!


“Go ahead!  Make their day!”   Go ahead!  Make your day, too!


Postscript: By the way, the family secrets are safe!  If you’re a teen-to-middle aged relative of one of these fine, dynamic women, breathe easy!  Your 21st Century matriarch of the family – mother/grandmother, aunt/great aunt, cousin  – is savvy about protecting your – and her own – privacy!


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Many thanks for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


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