Painting and Decorating Made Easier!


To save time and money, I recommend the use of a spray system. You can purchase or rent the system you need and/or want.


To purchase a specific make and model, contact the manufacturer, their nearest distribution center, or a manufacturer’s sales rep. Or, the needed spray system may be available through a certified commercial equipment outlet – in-store, or on-line.


To rent the same or equitable system, contact or visit your local equipment rental center. By the way, equipment rental fees depend on frequency of use.


Of course, whether you purchase or rent, allow yourself a little time to (1) familiarize yourself with the equipment, and (2) learn the techniques involved in using that spray system.


The question: How much time and money do you want to save?


With paint spraying equipment, you need to think about a spray pump’s capacity, and the extent of your intended project.




1.Paint a Door. It may require only a small hand-held airless, or HVLP, spray unit.


2.Paint a Ceiling. Use airless system, between ½ and ¾ gpm capacity. Spray tip: .017 -.021.


3.Paint Ceiling Deck of Warehouse. Use airless with capacity of 1-2 gpm. Spray tip: .023-.027.


4.Paint Metal Partitions. Use 6 cfm compressor and an hvlp, or conventional spray gun.


5.Paint Structural Steel. Use 9-15 cfm compressor, and a conventional or airless spray system.


6.Apply Stain to Moldings. Use hand-held airless, conventional, or hvlp spray system.


The paint spray systems used today are highly diversified. And, they vary greatly in cost. Prices can range anywhere from just under $100.00 to in access of $15,000.00.


When it comes to accessories, you may need to purchase an air compressor, air and/ or fluid hoses, paint supply tank, regulators, moisture separators, paint filter screens, siphon cups, etc.


When selecting a brand, choose from the following manufacturers:

Spray Pumps – Graco, Spray Tech, Wagner, Titan, and Apollo.

Spray Guns – Binks, Devilbiss, Sharpe, Sata, and Iwata.

NOTE: These manufacturers are recognized for the precision design and configuration, quality, usability, durability, and maintainability of their spray systems. Also, their product warranties, return and replacement policies, AND level of long-term customer service.


TIP: It is important to choose a system which will enable you to prime, paint, and finish a variety of projects – with various types of materials. That way you assure yourself of a good investment.




Gpm – Gallon per minute.

Cfm – Cubic feet per minute.

Hvlp – High volume low pressure.

0.013- 0.031 millimeter – Airless spray tip orifice sizes.

Orifice – (Small) opening.



The quality of a spray paint or finish job depends as much on the person

pushing and releasing that lever, as on the spray system being used.



Thanks, Graco group. And thanks, everyone, for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


Copyright 2015. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.



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