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Most painters know that Paint Spraying is not inherently dangerous. Yet, nearly all of us have had a few close calls. I remember several co-workers who had minor incidences.


Generally, precautions are all that is needed to ward off the possibility of injury to oneself, or someone else.


With most accidents, the situations are sometimes taken for granted. And, we fail to pay attention.


Before beginning any spray project, we need to consider the things to avoid and the things that require our attention. In any case, always think before you act!




1. Do not spray without a respirator. (If you do, you will really pay for it later on!)
2. Don’t point a spray gun at anything other than what you are painting. (You will regret causing a coworker to go blind.)
3. Don’t ignore the proper cleaning of your equipment. (Someone will need to use it again.)4. Do not leave a spray system under pressure. (They have a tendency to explode.)
5. Do not plug in an electric cord near the area where solvent is evaporating. (Boom! And what a mess.)
6. When using a conventional spray pressure tank, do not exceed recommended pressure limit. (BOOM! The pot lid can blow off.)




1. Wear protective clothing: paper suit, goggles, gloves, head sock. (Your skin, hair, eyes and hands will thank you for it.)
2. Wear an inorganic vapor respirator. (That is, if you would like to breathe another day.)
3. Clean or change filters in your spray equipment every day. (Headaches seem to disappear.)
4. Use a ground fault breaker near the spray pump’s electric motor. (The slightest spark! And FLASH! Ask any firefighter.)
5. Thin paint appropriately for the orifice size of the spray gun tip. (Eliminate “flashing.”)
6. After using latex paint in an airless pump, flush first with water; then with mineral spirits. (It reduces corrosion of metal parts.)


Do’s and don’ts are about safe and efficient painting.


In the business of spray painting, it is essential to maintain a high level of productivity, without causing undue injury to yourself and/or others.


Remember: It is the do’s which get the job done and make you money. Yet, it is the don’ts which can un-do every positive thing you have done.



The success of every spray job depends on your safe and efficient approach to and on that job.  


Stay safe, everyone. Thanks for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.



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