Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Q. What tasks and projects fit well into late afternoon and night schedule?

1. Office areas, especially the painting of doors and molding.
2. Ceilings that are in high traffic areas during the day.
3. Touch-up painting and cleaning of restroom surfaces.
4. Vacant rooms – painting of entire room.


Q. How can tasks and projects that need full-light get done on a second shift schedule?

1. When available light is a question, use portable lighting that can be dimmed or filtered.
2. Create ceiling-to-floor partition, where excess lighting can be used.


Q. What tasks and projects should be done only during the day? On a First-shift basis?

1.  All interior/exterior surfaces can be painted, weather permitting and in low-traffic area.
Examples: Doors, moldings, ceilings, walls, floors, etc.
2. First shift can be a good time to perform spray painting tasks.
*  The ambient light will be at its highest.
*  When doing so, be aware of solvent odors, as both you and others may be exposed and become ill.



1. In any vacant or unoccupied area, use CAUTION TAPE for safety notification.
2. Always post WET PAINT signs outside of all interior work areas, even if area is vacant.
3. Tackle exterior projects which require temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and full sun.
*  Do any exterior project which requires relatively low humidity.
*  Painting of any exterior surface must take into consideration the weather.
*  Paint products can be affected when not applied under the proper conditions.
*  Problems with drying time, paint sheen retention and proper adhesion can result.



“Never tell yourself, ‘I have to do something.’ Tell yourself, ‘I get to do it!”


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