Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

Mary Engelbreit Desk, Chair and Lamp Mary Engelbreit Dry Sink




A fun thing can be when the client is your own sister.


A challenging thing can be when the theme that she wants is Mary Engelbreit, named after the artist. (See below: “About graphic artist Mary Engelbreit.)

Each painting, greeting card,  book cover, collectible is a story-telling and message-sending masterpiece.


Each scene depicting the “events, ideas and values of family, friends and the artist.” Each graphic design capturing life in vivid color, “close-up” detail, and emotional honesty.


How do you re-create or capture a Mary Engelbreit-inspired design, or theme?


How do you plan, lay out, grid, and sketch in the actual design? On whatever piece the client – your sister – has selected, provided, requested, or dreamed about?


Pieces: Furniture, artist canvas, picture frame, mirror frame, cabinetry, lamp, wall, floor, or door.

Surfaces: Wood, fabric, metal, ceramic, glass, china, laminate, plastic, drywall, or cork.


Yes, sisters are fun to have! Their dreams can be fun to help bring to life. Their client needs can be fun, and challenging, to fulfill. Their request for a theme can be fun to capture, or recreate.


Their choice of a surface can be fun to finish, too.


Their specifications with all of those colors?  Well, that can all be fun, too.  Just make sure that your paintshop is equipped with the following:

  1. a supply of good-quality (eg. Liquitex) acrylic base paints – especially primary colors, white and black, also Gesso medium;
  2. a variety of precision brushes and tools – all in excellent condition;
  3. at least 2 dozen small, clean and empty containers – with screw lids;
  4. a sizeable, open and non-traffic work space;
  5. superb full-lighting;
  6. time for unbelievable detail work – at all phases/steps;
  7. excellent ventilation and air flow, and;
  8. a painter that can precisely mix and match any paint color, has a very steady hand, and excels at recreating repetitive patterns that meet the “up close” rule.


Did I mention a brother willing to take on a decorative project – for free?
Oh-oh! Sis just found the empty Oreo cookie package in her kitchen garbage.


Mary Engelbreit Themed Scenic

About graphic artist Mary Engelbreit: Established in 1986, the Mary Engelbriet Studios (MES) have grown to an international creator and licensor of nearly 6,500 products. Among the most popular: greeting cards, children’s books, gift books, fabric, ceramic figurines, home/interior design books, calendars, T-shirts, mugs. Her new Paperworks line of products – blank cards, boxed cards, coloring books, etc. – are all made in the U.S.A.


All represent her signature M.E. artwork. She starts with pen and ink drawings. She follows that with colored markers, then uses colored pencils to shade and highlight; also to preserve the markers.


Her renowned malapropism greeting card plays off the saying, “Life is just a bowl of cherries.” The card shows a girl looking at a chair piled high with bowls and has the legend, “Life is just a chair of bowlies.”


A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Engelbreit and her husband, Paul, still live and work there.


Kudos to all siblings, especially the helpful and dream-delivering kind.


Many thanks, D., for being my sib. And thanks, all, for visiting “Painting with Bob.”
Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.




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