Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

The best news that I’d received in over three years came from the director of security at Seralago Hotel and Suites, my former work home for over six years.


The painter that they’d hired over six months earlier was doing a good job at keeping up the property. That meant he was treating the surfaces right!


A related piece of great news: The new painter’s job was being limited to “painting only, and minimal maintenance work.” BRAVO! Taking care of the painting and decorating needs of the historic, 614 room/suite property was a busy, full-time job for one good painter.


Also, management had realized that the staff painter did not have the time and capabilities to also handle health-risky and high-exposure work orders and projects such as black mold remediation and mitigation and pest control. So those tasks had been turned over to others.


 Five ways for management to protect their investment in that good painter


  1. Keep your painter stocked with his or her basic supplies. See that each and every requisition is handled with respect, filled promptly, and as he/she ordered.
  2. Use his or her suggestions often enough, that it’s apparent you’re serious and not just “filling the air waves” with talk.
  3. Respect his or her scheduling needs and limitations. A good painter knows when and what to do to achieve the best results possible.
  4. Unless necessary, avoid switching him or her to other work orders and areas, from time-and-product-sensitive projects already work is underway.
  5. Don’t waste his or her valuable project time with questions, complaints and exchanges that can wait until he or she can spare a few minutes – and give you fair consideration.
  6. Never pull him away from a crucial application procedure. Example: quick-drying paint.
  7. Treat him or her to a quick lunch every six-to-eight weeks, and talk about whatever.
  8. Once a week, do a property “walk through” together. Let him or her point out areas that will need some attention. And, let him or her suggest when and how to take care of each.


It’s always good news to hear that a good painter has found his “canvas” – on a property on which I’ve worked in the past.


It means a win-win-win for everyone. The people – teammates, guests, visitors, suppliers – have a painter around that they can count on, and can trust. The property has been placed in good hands again. And, rather selfishly, I can rest easier knowing that the surfaces and areas that I’ve cared a lot about are being taking care of RIGHT!


Thank you to the folks with Seralago that brought that painting pro on board.


By the way, congratulations, fellow painter and decorator, on your upcoming one-year work anniversary.



Good painters place a high value on each other’s abilities – and accomplishments.



Special thanks to the chief engineers and directors of facility services who treat their painters right – and respect them as professionals and friends.


And, thank you, everyone, for visiting “Painting with Bob.”
Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.


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