Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

IDEA 1: Capitalize on two of your strengths in a unique way.

Example: Periodically, offer painting shortcuts mini-workshops for guests.

Example: Offer painting workshops for children.


IDEA 2: Identify an amenity that few or no hotels/facilities in your area offers.

Example: Convert a large guest room into a “Guest Library.”

Example: Convert a corner of the restaurant into a ‘Tea Room.”


IDEA 3: Identify an amenity that other hotels/facilities do offer. But you have a new spin on it.

Example: Create a kids health club next to the adult health club.


IDEA 4: Offer a short “Paintshop Tour” for guests.

Example: Hand out a colorful guide of self-painting and paintshop dos and don’ts.


IDEA 5: Create several how-to painting videos for YouTube.

Example: Help publicize them to guests and visitors, via kiosks, closed-circuit tvs around the property.


IDEA 6: Help set up a small, indoor activity room for younger children.

Example: Use colors to create separate areas for board games, Lego and building blocks, play kitchen/playhouse, racetracks, etc.


IDEA 7: Design, paint and erect signs to identify the species of flora and fauna located around the property.

Example: Show the horticultural and common name for each one. Florida Butterfly Orchid, Encyclia tampensis.

Example: Make signs and posts from treated exterior woods.

Example: Use a hobby/craft woodburning tool to letter the signs, instead of painting them.


IDEA 8: On “rained out” days, offer “Splatter Painting” workshop for the kids.

Example: Make each child’s canvas board small enough – eg. 8 inch by 8 inch – to fit in a suitcase.


IDEA 9: Offer mini-workshops such as the following:

Example: “Picking best paint for your project.”

Example: “Mixing and matching colors, textures and patterns the low-cost way.”

Example: “Decorative finishing with acrylics.”

Example: “Camouflaging flaws, cracks, burn marks, and nicks in wood.


IDEA 10: Twice a month, offer “Teammate painting and decorating” mini-workshops.

Example: Regularly, ask for suggestions from teammates about topics.

Example: Cover one specific top during each workshop, and always provide a take-home guide.


IDEA 11: With management’s approval, regularly post a “Paintshop Tip” sheet on staff bulletin boards, also on company’s employees only website.


IDEA 12: With management’s approval, co-sponsor a painting competition for the staff.

Example: Make it multi-media.

Example: Award winners certificates and food court or gift shop discount coupons.

Example: Exhibit entries around the hotel. Adjacent to each work, affix place card with title of work, medium, artist’s name, and hotel position (optional).


IDEA 13: Help create and set up a “Staff Artworks Gallery” along a corridor located in a public area on the property.

Example: Feature multi-media: paintings, sketches, portraits, graphics, photography.


SPECIAL NOTE: Whatever amenity, event or activity that you help create or offer, include the hotel’s marketing/promotions/publicity people. Assuming they know their jobs, they will know how to get a lot of mileage out of each effort.



Painters offer a unique way to generate publicity and patronage for the hotel.



A big thank you for visiting “Painting with Bob.”
Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.


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