Painting and Decorating Made Easier!


Periodically, a creature of nature wandered into the hotel’s engineering department – and the paintshop.


One morning, I surprised a small green iguana stretched out on the workbench. Another day, a large raccoon sat inside an open metal cabinet. During a big rain storm, an Amazon parrot had taken refuge on a shelf of spray paint cans. One afternoon, I returned to unload the golf cart, and surprised two mice, contentedly nibbling on food crumbs dropped by a teammate.


A few visitors were not welcome. And, they were corralled and escorted from the premises by skilled wild creature-handling teammates. A huge rat. A poisonous snake. A baby alligator. A young white tiger cub.


Our main objective was to keep the area safe for anyone that might enter. Our other objective was to promptly relocate the creatures to more likeable and suitable spots.


Among ourselves, department teammates discussed ways to keep our area creature free. We decided that most of the visitors were harmless, and actually pleasurable. Besides, the ccreatures never damaged anything, or caused any costly mess.


My last day of work, a huge white cockatoo met me in the paintshop. He looked on as I completed my checklist of things to do to help out the new man. I enjoyed the bird’s company. We “talked” a little. We were the only ones there. It was a Saturday.


Shortly before clocking out, I got him into an empty box. And, I escorted him to a large area of beautiful foliage on the neighbor’s property. He watched me climb into my Blazer, and drive off.


I didn’t know about him. But he ended my day on a very positive note.



Wild creatures have a mystifying way of taming the species called humans.



Thank you, everyone, for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.


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