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I watched part of the presidential debate televised on September 26. Fifteen minutes into this first face off between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump, I knew that the real issues would not be discussed.


It had nothing to do with award-winning journalist Lester Holt’s moderating and pre-formulated questions for the candidates.


Here were some of the real issues, as I saw them…


  1. Health insurance companies sharply increasing basic premium rates yearly, while sharply decreasing life-saving coverage and benefits.
  2. Generic drug manufacturers sharply increasing prices and collaborating with prescription drug insurers, without being held liable, by the F.D.A., for product quality and safety as are brand name pharmaceuticals.
  3. Health insurance companies not being held liable for medical and pharmacological coverage and benefit decreases and discontinuations that cost loss of many lives.
  4. Health insurance companies that knowingly approve claims from large providers, with U. S. Department of Justice judgments against them for major “False Claims” fraud.
  5. Employer group health insurers that deny employees coverage and benefits when diagnosed with advanced stage or terminal illnesses or diseases.
  6. Vehicle insurers jacking up rates every 6-12 months, thus (a) penalizing drivers that obey Bureau of Motor Vehicle license and insurance laws, and (b) charging them for excessive claims’ costs they did not cause.
  7. Employers repeatedly violating EEOC and Department of Labor discrimination laws by adjusting job description and productivity requirements to enable them to disqualify skilled, experienced workers age 49 and over.
  8. Employers ignoring OSHA and EPA standards, thus causing employees to develop chronic, acute, and/or even terminal medical diseases or illnesses.
  9. Employers denying all employee hourly wage increases due to “budget cuts,” while sharply increasing managers’ salaries (and bonuses).
  10. Both employees’ hourly wage and salary merit raises, benefit increases and promotions.
  11. Business owners/employers that sell businesses and dissolve employee retirement accounts, transferring funds into private, owner-shareholder accounts.
  12. Federal government allocating and sending trillions of dollars overseas “for aid,” while taxpayers in the U. S. lose access to help, services and resources that they’ve paid for already.
  13. Utility and phone companies that indiscriminately add surcharges, taxes and other fees that are not regulated by the government, and thus must be paid by consumers.
  14. Local governments that set and increase budgets, then hide allocations and spending that sharply exceed budgets of municipalities of similar sizes and demographics.
  15. Companies not being held legally and financially liable, when (a) awarded huge tax incentives and property pre-improvements to locate within an area, then (b) either not locating there or not providing the number of new jobs as promised contractually.
  16. Federal and state governments’ regular removal of public school systems’ major funding, to pay for charter school systems’ management and operations.
  17. Physicians lack of accountability for treating medical symptoms, then medication adverse reactions, side effects and interactions, but not searching for and treating underlying cause(s) of symptoms and signs, thus causing costly ER visits and premature deaths.
  18. Local-level justice systems’ regular release of repeat felony drug trafficking offenders back onto the streets.


Like I said, these were, in my opinion, some of the real issues not discussed in the 2016 Presidential Debate No. 1.



Debates can provide opportunities for exploring the depth of real issues in society.



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Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik


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