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Father/Don Matteo, played by Terence Hill,* is the caring Italian priest of a small Italian parish in the quaint Italian village of Gubbio, in the Umbria region.


His home functions more like a revolving inn, or “halfway house.” A sanctuary for an abandoned boy, a pregnant 18-year old, ex-cons, and lonely widows. It’s the official residence of a hyperactive and “aspiring” cook/housekeeper, and a double bi-focaled handyman.


Through it all, the good, over 6 feet 4 inches priest serves communion, marries, and presides over funeral masses. And, he discreetly helps his chess buddy, Marshal Cecchini (Nino Frassica) – a police sergeant – help his captain solve local crimes.


Between his pasturing and sleuthing, Father Matteo also finds time to maintain the chapel and the residence.


He sands and repairs, then re-stains and re-varnishes the church pews, altar railings, lectern, etc. He preps and repaints bedrooms as one temporary resident leaves and another arrives. He repairs and refinishes the worn kitchen table and chairs, much older than he. He re-varnishes woodwork and baseboard. He patches holes in hallway and bathroom walls, then repaints them in the parish’s signature soft gold, cinnamon or olive green paint.


Clearly, painting and refinishing parts of the chapel and residence are labors of love. And respect. All tasks pursued and performed with the same sense of calm, wry humor, skill, and service that he shows for his parish duties. The people. And, his unsolicited detective assistance.


Exasperated at times by the antics of villagers, and visitors, Father Matteo always takes life in stride. Skillfully speeding through the community and countryside on his trusted old bicycle.


If you’re looking for good, clean humor – and you enjoy a little sleuthing, check out Father Matteo.* By the way, the show airs in Italienne, with an English subtitle. On regular tv, it airs on Wednesdays 10 pm central/9 eastern , also 11 pm central/10 eastern time.


* Terrence Hill (Mario Girotti), a native of Venice, Italy, plays Father Matteo. He is an award-winning actor both in front of a camera and on stage. He has paired with notable actor and friend, Bud Spencer, on many films and special projects. Hill received his education at University of Rome and Actors Studio. Since 1971, he and his wife, Lori Zwickbauer, have resided on a ranch in Massachusetts.



Father Matteo proves that everyone, even a sharp police captain, can use a little help.



Enjoy your off time. And, thanks for visiting “Painting with Bob.”


Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.


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