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Millions of people, including independent painters, scramble to find individual health insurance coverage for 20117. Staff painters collapse under the strain of paying sharply increased premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs, for health coverage under their employer-employee group plans.




Simultaneously, president-elect Donald J. Trump contradicts a pledge to President Barack Obama to retain and improve the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And, he appoints, to Secretary of the Treasury, the Wall Street mogul Steven Mnuchin – the top congressional strategist against the ACA to engineer and guarantee its repeal by Congress by mid-2017.




Figures released November 30, 2016, estimate that over 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance in 2017, if the ACA is repealed. This means they and their families will lose access to preventive care. It means that persons with any pre-existing medical condition or history, even any acquired on the job, will no longer be able to get health insurance policies. And, even employer-employee group plans will groan under the weight of extensive riders.




At least 20 million households, of persons under Medicare age of 65, will no longer have access to preventive healthcare such as immunizations for flu, pneumonia, polio, TB, and shingles. They will no longer have access to affordable health maintenance benefits such as fitness/exercise clubs, nutrition programs and psychological counseling.




Workers will not be able to properly handle and manage their own fitness, wellness and health. Workmen’s compensation recovery periods will be much shorter. Family Care and Leave Act provisions will be sharply reduced; and employee jobs will not be reserved.




Hourly workers, such as painters, will need to return to work – after injury, illness, surgery – before their physicians and surgeons consider it safe and healthy to do so. Instead, workers will need to get back on the job very promptly to prevent (a) job loss; (b) future unemployability and uninsurability; and (c) personal/family financial insolvency.




All employment opportunities will be available only to persons whose health ratings are above 80 percentile, credit score is higher than 800, and educational level is at or above the STEM or Master’s level.




We will have come full circle. Job loss, unemployability and financial insolvency, in the midst of the collapse of the U. S’s health care and insurance systems, will be a no-win solution for everyone. Even the employed, employable and financially solvent. Even the billionaires that the president-elect will have serving in top White House posts, starting January 20, 2017.




Who sits in the Oval Office won’t matter then. Who sits on the White House Cabinet won’t matter. Who sits in the U. S. Congress won’t matter. Who sits in charge anywhere won’t matter. Because no one, not in these seats, will be well enough and able enough to care any more.




Real strength is always in numbers. And, the real numbers are located within our communities. Not on Capitol Hill. Which, by the way, has been and will continue to be in an internal mess. Trump “top drawer” people, or not!




Because you matter! Take a closer look around – and inside your own life.



What matters is why it matters.



Thank you very much for visiting “Painting with Bob” during 2016.


Copyright 2016. Robert D. Hajtovik. All rights reserved.


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