Painting and Decorating Made Easier!

About Bob, the Painter

* Journey-level painter and decorator, project consultant and manager.

* Wallcovering, color, texture, and decorative finishing specialist.

* Brush, roller, spray gun, and custom tools.

* New construction, expansion, upgrades, remodeling, renovation, restoration, existing, maintenance.

* Commercial, residential-commercial, industrial, government projects – Florida and Midwest (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan , Wisconsin).

Scope of Projects

1. Commercial: Hospitality – Hotels, resorts, spas, convention centers, chain restaurants, clubs, tourism, theme, amusement, vacation; Shopping – Malls, anchor stores, shops, supply stores/outlets, supermarkets, convenience/gas; Healthcare – Hospitals, emergency/trauma centers, surgical facilities, diagnostic/lab centers, chain pharmacy stores, medical offices, rehab/nursing/assisted living/long-term care facilities, research centers; Business – Offices, business complexes, corporate headquarters, financial centers; Institutional – Schools, universities, colleges; special residential homes.

2. Residential-Commercial: Apartment complexes, condo/townhouse developments, single/ multi-family housing communities; 1-3 story homes, historic and older properties, large modular and manufactured homes, prototype homes for disabled.

3. Industrial: Marine vessels; manufacturing, processing, fabricating, utility, chemical, water treatment, power plants; industrial parks; steel mills, refineries; fuel storage tanks/farms, refractories, pipe lines.

4. Government: Public schools; federal/state/county/municipal buildings, Census Bureau, courthouses, penitentiaries, law enforcement facilities, post offices, fire/rescue buildings.


Overview of one painter and decorator’s painting and finishing accomplishments

* Painted approx. 490,000 sq. ft. wall surfaces.                * Sprayed approx. 129,000 sq. ft. ceiling surfaces.

* Sprayed/brushed approx. 4,300 metal door frames.     * Installed approx. 12,8000 yards wallcovering.

* Stained/finished approx. 12,900 lin. ft. wood moldings * Textured approx. 53,000 sq.ft. walls & ceilings.

* Stain finished approx. 1,300 wood doors.                          * Mixed/matched huge number of paint colors/tints.

* Faux finished approx. 4,500 sq. ft. walls, furniture         * Refinished approx. 85 pieces of furniture.

* Used 20,000+ gallons latexes, oil, epoxies, lacquers.     * Mixed/matched many gallons stains, varnishes.

* Used 200+ gallons stains, varnishes, polyurethanes.     * Matched/blended 550+ patterns, textures.

* Wore out over 300 Grades A & B paint brushes.             * Read over 250 blueprints and spec sheets.

* Wore down the naps on over 500 Grades A & B rollers. * Cleaned/repaired spray guns over 150 times.

Note: Above figures represent one journey painter’s level of production and scope of abilities. As of March 01, 2014, that is. It is hardly the full story.


Thank you for stopping by to learn about some of my capabilities. Your comments are always welcome. Have a great week.

Robert “Bob” Hajtovik


NOTE: Other great sources of information and tips include: skilled painters and decorators, also contractors, in your community; product specialists at paint and building supply stores, crafts-persons with paint and wallcovering shops, on-line building/ remodeling and decorating sites; products/tools/equipment manufacturers and distributors; trade/industry testing labs/institutes; professional trade and industry associations, groups and schools related to the above – including their web sites.



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