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From Bob Hajtovik: Thanks for the Memories – and Opportunities!

My teammates and crew members, superintendents and managers, employers, and property owners have been among the best!  Hats off to each of them!

In alphabetical order, they are…


1. Construction Project Managers. They’ve handed the spec sheets to me, stepped back and let me get the job done. They’ve hired me to do high-performance and high-quality work.

They’ve relied on me to help bring in every project within, or better yet: under the time, cost and manpower terms of the contract with the customers and clients.


2. Contractors. They’ve told me what they needed done. They’ve handed me the reins, and left to take care of other things. They’ve offered relevant feedback promptly.  Consistently, yet “eyefully,” they’ve trusted my judgment.

They’ve kept me in the loop about a spectrum of things: problems, changes, shipment delays, switches in job sites, equipment failures, compliance courses, crew cutbacks, etc.


3. Hotel general managers, engineering directors, and property owners. They’ve recognized that I knew what I was doing. They’ve seen how I could help them meet their goals and satisfy expectations.

Usually, they’ve accepted, and agreed, with the way that I was doing the job they had hired me to do. Generally, they’ve known when to step back and watch, and when to step up and say something.

They’ve served as reliable guides and checkmates. They’ve served as both practical and ethics-driven mentors. They’ve provided sound examples of organizational, business, team, and project leadership.



4. Officers of non-profits. They’ve brought me on board because they’ve needed an experienced painter. They’ve wanted a painter that they could trust with   their constituents, community and property.

They’ve explained their unique situations, and asked for help. They’ve tapped my talents and resources to improve their facilities, benefit their organizations and enhance their capabilities to serve their constituents.


5. Teammates and fellow crew members. They’ve helped me fit in and belong to the group. They’ve shared – and entrusted me with – their ideas, concerns, and hopes.

They’ve asked for my help and advice. They’ve offered the same to me whenever it has been needed or appropriate. Whenever the spirit moved them, too. (Now, that’s “teaming-it!” )

They’ve challenged, tested and stretched me. They’ve frustrated, criticized and upset me.

They’ve doubled me over in laughter, and moved me to tears. They’ve supported, and empowered me. They’ve praised and appreciated me. They’ve made my day! Every day!

They’ve blessed my life by being a part of it – and letting me be a part of theirs.


How everyone has made a difference. . .

Everyone, represented in the list above, has helped me fit into his or her team, and organization. They’ve helped me become an active contributor to his or her organization.

They’ve offered opportunities that helped to mold me into a better person, helper and worker. A better painter and decorator for their respective needs, groups, environment, and property.

To my knowledge, all of my managers and teammates and crew members are still alive. Some have moved on to different companies or non-profits. Some have changed careers. Some have retired, and get in lots of golf, fishing, boating, travel, and family time. Some greet each day with at least one sign of “life over 40.”

All have maintained their professional interests, creative energy, high set of values, and unique personalities. And, definitely their sense of humor, fairness, accountability, and integrity!


Many thanks to everyone.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stay safe. Stay true. Thank you for visiting “Painting with Bob.”

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