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Paintshop: How to Build a Spray Booth

For a paint spray booth to be effective, it must accomplish two things.


1. It should keep out all unwanted elements which could affect the quality of the work.

2. It should provide an atmosphere which is compatible with the paint material.


Typically, you want to strictly minimize the particulates in the air. Also, you want to provide a space in which the air is dry and the atmosphere has a very low degree of humidity.


Building a spray booth can be as involved as you want it to be. You can construct one out of masonry block. Or you can use the standard wood frame construction.


Here, I opt for a booth that is simpler, easier, and less expensive to build.


Here are a few examples. One of them may suit your needs.


Utilizing an existing space.  A garage is one of the most appropriate locations for a spray booth. The smooth concrete floor is ideal for moving the vehicle or equipment being sprayed. It is easy to clean. Wetting the surface with water helps to keep the dust from entering the air.


Normally, three things need to be done.


1. Suspend a thin plastic sheeting from the ceiling down all sides of designated “booth” area.

2. Drape the plastic sheeting along the walls, forming an enclosed barrier.

3. Install a suitable exhaust fan in front of a window. This aids in the removal of paint overspray circulation throughout the room.


I have completed many projects using this type of spray booth. The quality of the finished product has always spoken for Itself.

Utilizing an outdoor space. In this situation, you use a system of interconnecting electrical conduit to form the support structure.


1. When you go to construction supply store, take along a sketch with dimensions of your support structure. TIP: A tentative list of supplies also helps to save time, and budget mistakes.

2. Use plastic sheeting, heavy mil, to form a thin non-penetrable barrier.

3. Make sure that all overlapping plastic areas are sealed to prevent insects from entering – and “seams” from loosening, and the “spray booth” from dismantling.

TIP: Secure “seams” with wide masking tape. Or use nylon ties to “pleat” and intertwine seams.

4. Place an exhaust fan in the area.


This type of spray booth system is especially suitable for its portability and quick set up time.




The following factors are essential to produce high quality spray painting jobs. Ones that are not too different than the jobs done in a professional setting.


1. Air Dryer System. Consider moisture the enemy. An air dryer greatly reduces the chances of water getting on your work. The dry air produced aids in atomizing the paint supply.


2. Oil and Water Filtration. Specialized filters remove oil and water droplets and vapor. If you choose to ignore these factors, be prepared for the effects. A ruined paint job for one.


3. Particulate absorption pads and/or an Air Circulation System. In this set-up, the paint booth is designed with a positive flow air evacuation system. Its “vacuum” removes dust particles, lint and other particulates from the air.

NOTE: This is the most costly and most effective system available in association with using an electrostatic spray system.


4. Direct Lighting Source. The idea is to eliminate all shadows cast on the object you are painting. Overhead and horizontal lighting needs must be met to have an equally lighted space. A few tips:

TIP A: Wide field halogen lights do well at a distance.

TIP B: Assembling one or more fluorescent light support racks on wheels is your best bet.

TIP C: Remember: The more angles there are in the objects you are painting the more light you need focused in each and every direction.


When building a spray booth, it is important to know the volume of work you intend to use it for. Invest in a spray booth in proportion to use, project sizes, budget, and profit margin. Also, the availability of a skilled “spray system” painter and finisher.


If it’s for a one-time use, use a temporary and inexpensive spray booth system, or set-up. You do not want your spray booth to cost more than the profit you figure that you will make by using it.


More important: You do not want your spray booth to cost more than the profit you need to make from completing the job right.



A suitable spray booth on the job can ensure the success and profitability of the job.


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