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Project Management: Equipment Rental versus Ownership


You don’t have the equipment needed to do the job? About anything you need can be found at a local equipment rental place.


Commercial/industrial rental centers provide a reliable resource for completing your project work. On time, to spec., within budget. And, at first-rate quality. Whether you need a paint spray pump and hoses, compressor, or pressure washer. Even equipment like extension ladders, scaffolding and hydraulics.

Charge: Typically a fee for hourly, half day or 24 hour use. Just make sure you bring it back as you found it – and on time.

Maintenance: All maintenance is taken care of by them.


When you opt for purchasing, you take on more responsibility and long-term costs. The biggest difference is that the equipment you purchased will be available for use any time you want. The maintenance is up to you. And the choice of whether or not to purchase insurance rests with you, too.


A List of Pros and Cons

1. When renting there is no guarantee on the level of performance of the equipment. You could be renting a piece of equipment which really needs to be overhauled.


2. As the first owner-operator a new spray pump can have an unquestionable maintenance record.


3. As a renter, you are obligated to return the equipment in the same condition as you rented it. If not, you will have to pay for damages.


4. By owning a piece of equipment, you have the best guarantee that the equipment will be available when needed. Examples:  Spray pump, pressure washer, extension ladder, scaffolding.


5. Theft of rental or owned equipment can be an asset or a loss, depending on whether or not you have insured the equipment.


6. Owning equipment may require that you have a supply of repair parts, in case something breaks, wears out or gets damaged – outside of the warranty.


7. Also, you, or someone you enlist (pay), must be able to actually do the repair, replacement, and maintenance work on the equipment.


A few things to consider when looking for equipment


1. If you are thinking of purchasing, can you afford the expenditure, when weighed against your gross sales, overhead expenses and needed/desired profit?


2. Or is renting less of a strain on your monthly expenses?


3. Is the purchase warranted? Do, or will you, have the volume of work to get a return on your investment? Can you afford the maintenance costs? Will you be using the equipment frequently enough?


Sometimes it boils down to one thing having nothing to do with the cost. For instance, convenience carries a lot of weight. It focuses on “time-saving.” And, saving time translates into increased profits and operating capital. Who doesn’t want that?


If you are set on purchasing, buy the best equipment that you can afford. And, make your selection from one of the top manufacturers.


Happy Equipment Hunting!


Purchase for the long haul. Rent to get the project done on time.

Purchase or rent to get the project done right!

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