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Designing with Graphics Using Paint

What can you do to liven up a wall? Create a graphics design using paint. One reason: to exhibit a sense of creativity in an otherwise bland environment. This applies to wall surfaces, in particular.


To achieve a sense of creativity, we can use color and geometry. Go figure.


Any substrate can be used as a base, and also as a constructive element to make the actual design. One example being: an interior brick wall with sections of precut gypsum board installed on its face, designed in the shape of a company logo or picture.


How to use paint as a factor for design.


Paint can achieve any number of designs, and account for a wide range of color combinations.
1. Study a color chart from a paint supplier or manufacturer.
2. Select colors that you like and will complement or contrast the existing colors.


3. Create a paper sketch of the wall surface and your particular graphic display.


4. Here is where the detail-work starts.

A. Measure dimensions of wall.

B. Transfer them, according to scale, onto your preliminary sketch.

TIP: Gridded paper works great for this. Or, use a graphics design software program, and a laser measuring tool if you’re so inclined.


5. When laying out graphics prior to painting, I recommend the following items:

A. easy release or automotive masking tape,

B. chalk box for snapping lines,

C. geometric templates to create accurate curves and contours,

D. 2” square and 2 ½ “angular paint brushes,

E. liquid spray mask for covering non-painted areas,

F. 4” low nap roller frame/cover.


6. Let’s say you want to create a horizontal 6-stripe pattern. Transfer measurements from diagram to wall surface marking the width and length of the stripes. Mask off lines 1,3, and 5.


7. Paint spaces in an alternate type configuration. Going back to the 6-stripe pattern.

A. Paint lines 1, 3, and 5. Let dry overnight.

B. Mask off lines 2, 4, and 6. Be sure to press down edges of tape.

C. Paint lines 2, 4, and 6.


TIP: When you have a design with shared border lines, paint shapes that do not touch each other. It’s common sense stuff, and helps ensure straight lines.


TIP: When painting graphics always allow the proper drying time for each phase.


Creating graphics using  paint opens an astounding panorama of choices. As breathtaking and awesome as a sunset in motion!


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