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St. Cloud Friends of the Library Pre-Renovation “Bag Sale” a Huge Success!

St. Cloud Friends of the Library (SCFOL) opened its “Bag Sale” doors to a record crowd on July 8. Over 130 people waited in line before 9 am to pay their “$2.00 per bag.” Then, they rushed inside to stuff those bags with books, e-books, DVDs, music CDs, videos, games and puzzles, etc)


When I glanced in that direction about 9:30, the “Robert Fisk Room” was crammed with bodies. A line of over 50 people still waiting patiently and politely for a few shoppers to come out, so that a few of those in line could go in. (Fire department room capacity: 65.)


The July sale was not one of the organization’s regular ones, held twice a year.


What made it unique was its non-negotiable goal: to completely empty their “Jack Lynn Sorting Room” of all donations, before August 1. Actually, July 27.


Ah! August 1. That’s the date, tentatively set by the Osceola County Manager’s Office, for major repairs and renovations to begin at Veteran’s Memorial Library in St. Cloud.  Meaning that between July 27 and August 1, they will be removing all contents from the building.


Next, the renovation construction company will erect 8-12 foot security fence around the property. CAUTION and WARNING signs will announce it as a “Construction Zone” and “Hard Hat Area.” And, the long, arduous process of gutting everything to the walls, floors and ceilings in order to fix the worn out, “sick building” begins.


As of SCFOL’s sale date, the county government had released little information about this major reconstruction project. Estimated to take four-to-five months.


. No full-color renderings, layouts, floor plans, and schematics to give patrons and taxpayers a good idea what their renovated public library will look like.

. No posted list of the names of who will be doing the work – eg. construction management company or general contractor.

. No posted list of names of who, on the government and taxpayer side, will be in charge.

. No posting of the renovation’s approved cost.


Still, members of the SCFOL achieved their goal par excellence. They sold out! They made over an inestimable number of readers and “reading households” very happy.


And, they raised over $2,200 to support and co-sponsor local library and related community programs and events in the future.


Now, that’s quite an accomplishment for the group. Especially considering that most of the core members are over age 60. And, a bit worn around the edges and along the surfaces, as the used books, DVDs and other treasures they sell!


Next SCFOL Book Sale: Spring of 2017. Usually a 3-day sale – Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Next Osceola FOL book sale: August 26, 2016, BVL branch.



Reading is a vital activity for daily independent living – and sustainable survival.



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